Foods to Avoid when Dieting

The basic principle of a diet is to consume more calories needed. However, some types of food that you think are healthy can actually increase your weight. Therefore you must choose healthy foods that support your diet. The food you consume is very influential on the plan to lose weight. If you consume the wrong foods, it will even gain weight. The food that you think is healthy or labeled as low in sugar does not guarantee effective and in accordance with your diet program.

You should avoid the following types of food so that your diet results in line with expectations.

Packaged Juice

Juice can be used as a healthy drink because it is processed from fruit or vegetables. But this is not the case with bottled juice that sold in supermarkets. Juice mixed with milk contains the same sugar and calories as a can of soda.

For the success of your diet, consume juice that is processed directly from fresh fruit, without sugar added. Eating fruits and vegetables can meet fiber needs. Fiber can make you feel full longer, so you eat less. Fiber also plays a role in digestive health, controlling blood sugar, and lowering cholesterol.

French Fries and Chips

Even though you are on a diet, you are still advised to consume carbohydrates. Potatoes are one source that is tasty and easy to process. Besides being almost non-fat, the calories in potatoes are low, which is only about 90 per 100 grams of potatoes. However, the way of serving potatoes also determines the nutritional content.

French fries and potato chips contain high calories. Both types of snacks are foods that you need to avoid while on a diet. Studies show that one serving of french fries and potato chips greatly affects weight gain compared to other foods. In addition, frying can cause acrylamides which can trigger cancer. Boiling and steaming is the best way to keep nutrients in potatoes.


The cakes are processed from a mixture of flour, sugar and butter. Besides containing saturated fats, cakes contain high calories and low in nutrients. Eating cookies actually makes you hungry easily, so it makes you eat more. If you want to eat sweet foods, choose dark chocolate. The higher the chocolate content, the better the nutritional content. Black chocolate has a higher antioxidant than milk chocolate. Chocolate milk consists of added sugar and fat is not good for diet.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is tempting, but behind its delicacy there is a high calorie and sugar content. Because of its delicacy, you will be tempted to consume it in large quantities. If you still want to eat it, you can make your own with a choice of healthier ingredients, such as yogurt and fruits.

White Bread

Eating white bread with jam or butter is an easy and filling breakfast choice. But for those of you who are on a diet, it is recommended to replace this breakfast menu with oats. Because a study found that eating bread increases the risk of weight gain and obesity by 40 percent.

Another alternative is to eat whole wheat bread instead of white bread. In one study, people who were on a low-calorie diet with a menu of whole-grain bread, lost more abdominal fat than those who ate white bread and white rice. Even though it is healthier, consumption of whole-grain bread must be adjusted to your calorie needs.

Bottled Drinks

Drinks in cartons or cans contain high calories. If consumed in excess, sugary drinks can adversely affect health and gain weight. Bottled drinks include soda, energy drinks, isotonic drinks, canned coffee and packaged tea.

Food with Extra Sugar

Currently there are many products with added sugar. Sugar is better known as sucrose, maltose, or fructose. The way to recognize it is to read the label on the packaging. Excess sugar can increase obesity and heart disease. Low fat or fat free foods are not always healthy. This is because additional sugar is needed to increase the delicacy caused by the fat being removed.

Apart from the foods above, other foods that should be avoided when dieting are processed products. Processed products such as sausages, corned beef or nuggets, usually use added sugar and fat.

Look at nutritional labels and their composition to find out the types of healthy foods that support your diet. Do not forget to limit consumption, because foods that are considered healthy such as nuts and cheese also turn out to be high in calories, so consumption should still be limited. Consult a nutrition doctor to determine daily needs according to your health conditions.

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