7 Healthy Foods during Breastfeeding

The period of breastfeeding is an important time for baby’s growth. Therefore nutrition needs to be more considered. There are several types of healthy foods for nursing mothers that can be consumed to meet the nutritional needs of the baby.

Generally, nursing mothers need more nutritional intake, up to 500 calories, to ensure adequate milk products. However, not all breastfeeding mothers need extra calories. This depends on body weight before pregnancy, weight gain during pregnancy and how active the mother’s activities are.

Various Healthy Foods for Breastfeeding Mothers

Choose healthy foods with a balanced nutritional pattern, and avoid excessive weight loss during breastfeeding. Here are some types of healthy foods for high nutritious nursing mothers:


As a source of protein, eggs are an easy choice for nursing mothers. If you want to add essential fatty acids to breast milk, then choose eggs fortified with DHA. You can eat boiled eggs or scrambled eggs for breakfast.


Salmon is one source of DHA for the development of the baby’s nervous system. The level of DHA in breast milk depends on the type of food consumed by breastfeeding mothers. In addition, DHA in salmon is also able to prevent postpartum depression. But limit salmon consumption to 12 ounces per week, to reduce the risk of babies exposed to mercury.

Brown rice

Brown rice contains more fiber and nutrients, so it can maintain a full feeling for longer. This type of rice also will not make blood sugar levels rise dramatically after consuming them, when compared with white rice.

Green vegetable

Green vegetables like spinach and broccoli are low in calories and rich in vitamin A which is good for babies and nursing mothers. In addition, green vegetables are also rich in calcium, vitamin C, iron and antioxidants which help maintain heart health.


Breast milk with high calcium content will help the development of baby’s bones. Milk is a good source of calcium. In addition, milk also contains vitamin D, protein, and vitamin B. Three cups of milk per day will meet the needs of nursing mothers. If you don’t like milk, try eating yogurt which also contains lots of calcium and protein.


Dates are one of the sweetest snacks rich in calcium, which can encourage milk production. The fiber content is also very good for nursing mothers. Besides dates, nursing mothers can also consume almonds as a source of calcium.


Oranges are very suitable for increasing the energy of nursing mothers because they have high vitamin C content. Fortified calcium juice can be a nutritious choice for nursing mothers.

A variety of food choices above can be a useful intake for nursing mothers. In addition, information on various types of healthy foods for nursing mothers can be done in consultation with a doctor or nutritionist.

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