6 Fruit Juices with Great Benefits for the Body

Fruits are very beneficial for the health of our body as a whole. Remember, the fresh juice that you make yourself at home is more nutritious than the nutritional content found in bottled juice. Besides being found preservatives, the taste of bottled juice is not even as fresh as the freshly made fruit juice. However, you cannot add water or sugar to your fruit juice. This can eliminate the nutritional benefits of fruit juice. Here are some types of fruit juices and their benefits for the body.

1. Apple juice

Apple juice is rich in vitamins B and C. This juice is also rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. Apple juice helps cure the symptoms of rheumatism, soothes and cleanses the digestive system. This healthy drink is also effective for treating constipation and diarrhea.

2. Apricot juice

Apricot juice contains many vitamins such as B, C and K. The vitamins found in this fruit are also believed to slow aging. This healthy drink is also good for strengthening bones and giving vitality to hair and skin. Apricot juice is very rich in iron and is good for treating anemia and menopausal problems.

3. Blackberry juice

This juice contains lots of vitamins C and E, which are antioxidants that are effective in fighting free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that damage cells and tissues in the body and are associated with cancer and heart disease. This drink is also effective in controlling diabetes, cleansing the blood and is often used to treat sore throats and diarrhea. This drink also makes strong bones because it contains calcium.

4. Grape juice

Wine is known to contain lots of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, copper, iodine, iron phosphorus, and potassium. Grape juice is also believed to help cure other diseases such as constipation, heart disease, fluid retention, gout, arthritis, tuberculosis, liver problems, hemorrhoids, and various allergies.

5. Lemon juice

Lemon juice contains lots of vitamins B and C. These healthy drinks can cleanse blood vessels and all internal parts of the body. Lemon can also eliminate toxins and it’s good for the skin. Therefore, this healthy juice is famous for preventing cold and treating rheumatism.

6. Orange juice

Orange juice is considered as an immune drink. Orange juice contains vitamins B and C, as well as a number of minerals such as magnesium phosphorus, calcium, and potassium. This drink is also a good cleanser for the body’s internal system and soothes the nervous system, making it effective in treating anxiety and insomnia.

Those are the six benefits of fruit juice for your body’s health. Remember, don’t add water or sugar to your juice. This will only reduce the nutrient content in the juice.

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